Hey, I am Lunar Autumn.

I am an intersectional creator. I am half-Black, non-binary, disabled, with ADHD+. I've encountered challenges in finding fulfilling work, which led me to carve out this space. It's a personal haven where I can freely create and explore my varying interests Those interests range from illustration, web design, graphic design, and more

I love my cats, gluten-free snacks, and dipping my feet in the ocean. I thrive in environments where I can either set my own schedule to meet deadlines or in environments where I am challenged by my peers to improve daily. I approach each project with the intention of making it better than the previous one.

I believe that everyone has a voice, and being heard is important. I have zero tolerance for racism, ableism, homophobia, or any sort of systematic oppression. I ask that my clients uphold these values as well.

A photo of Lunar Autumn. They are wearing a grey toque, a green-grey shawl, and they have large round green glasses. There is a textured blue and beige background behind them.

My Career So Far

profile illustration of a black woman with her eyes closed, looking happy. She wears a hair scarf and a colorful shirt. There are bursts of colour behind her moving in an up and out way.

With four years of experience, I have worked with start-ups, established children's publications, and animal rescues. I hope to do more work with illustration in the future, but I am open to exploring a myriad of projects.

Web Design
Graphic Design
  • Tools I Work With

    A line art, detailed illustration of a psychedelic owl.
    Adobe illustrator
    Adobe Fresco
    vector images
    raster images

    Skills I Have

    A fantasy illustration of a silhouette of a person on a boat, with the reflections of water in front of them, and a cityscape behind them.
    Printing preparation
    web design
    logo design
    Graphic design
    layout design
    digital line art
    Digital Collage
    Kids illustration
    Flat illustration


Positive testimonial from The Veganist co-owner
a watercolour skyfox made of stars, over a house with a field and a rocky path. There are some digital line elements added.
Illustration of a statue in the middle of some purple water. The sun is reflecting in it, and in the background there are purple and gold buildings.

Want to work together?

If you want to work together, get in touch! Let's collaborate, work on a passion project, or have a chat. I'd love to hear from you!