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What I Do :   Illustration

A black woman with periwinkle coloured straight hair. Her she is peering over her shoulder while posing with her front facing away. She has extra eyes on her face and is wearing a teal and blue dress. There is a minimalist yellow and orange sun behind her.
Black and white line art landscape
a watercolour skyfox made of stars, over a house with a field and a rocky path. There are some digital line elements added.

What I Do :  Web Design

A picture of The Veganist's Shopify store's autumn design.
Screenshot of The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven website

What I Do :  Graphic Design

A graphic for an adoption event, featuring a photo of a black cat with it's paw over the time banner, and a photo of an orange cat looking up at the words that say "Adoption Event" in cursive. In the bottom right corner it says 1-4PM January 20th
A photo of part of a banner designed for Abby Cat Daddy, the Feline Advocate Society. On the top is the logo, which says ABBY CAT DADDY, and underneath that and their slogan (feline advocate society) it says Improving cats lives since 2022.

There is a picture of some kittens in a basket underneath that.
A picture of the ACD cat Tornado, who is up for adoption. The cat is a tabby, with big green yellow eyes, and white markings on their nose, chest and paws.

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