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Web + Graphic Design

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The client approached me, and expressed their desire to have the original site redesigned and modernized.

Their primary goals were to transfer over all of the information and making everything clear and user friendly.

Additionally I was asked to:

  • Use images from the old site.
  • Source new images.
  • Provide new copy.
  • Add the new logo to the site, and all of their sites graphics.
  • Link to their PetFinder adoption page.
  • Make a custom button for their PetFinder profile on the home page.

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My Process

I had a pretty clear idea of what the client was looking for, and what I wanted to do to make that become a reality. I started by taking screenshots of the old website and copied all of the information down.  Normally I'd start with some kind of rough pencil sketch, but I had already visualized the website, so it was pretty straight forward.

Once I finished building out the design on an XAMPP local host site for WordPress, I had the client review it, so they could make any notes for adjustments or additions that were needed. I implemented the notes, and re-wrote some copy for them.

For the most part they relied on my ability to come up with something cohesive, clear, and easy to navigate. Once everything was finalized, I reviewed their previous needs and requests, ensured that I had implemented them. I confirmed with the client that they had everything they were expecting and wanting, and they confirmed that they did. The design was finalized, and I uploaded it to their WordPress site through their hosting platform.

Finished Project

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