Banner collage. On the left there is an illustrated sticker design that has a heart and two cats. In the middle of the heart it says ACD The Feline Advocate Society Donations. In the center on a pale yellow background with various swirl and plant type graphics for the frame. In the center there is an illustration of a grey and brown cat, with the words "Cats Matter, Get Involved Today" on a medium dark green background. The next illustration on the right features a white background with a silhouette of a yellow cat with green paw prints moving towards it, it has the Abby Cat Daddy logo.

Abby Cat Daddy Illustrations

Animal Rescue Illustration
Project Overview
I reached out to the owner of ACD, because I wanted to help out with cat rescue digitally. The owner was grateful for the assist and left it up to me for the kinds of things ACD needed illustrated.
My Contributions
The illustrations I made were in Adobe Illustrator. I was also asked to make the logo more readable, so I turned that into a vector from a JPG and moved things around until the owner liked it. I would create specific illustrations were needed, and the client would also request specific things.
A beige envelope with a black sticker that reads in white "Abby Cat Daddy, the feline advocate society" next to a white cat silhouette. There is another sticker above it that is textured and beige, it has a yellow cat, and says the same words. There are green paw prints leading off of the sticker. On the left side it says "made by @lunar.autumn.designs"

The Reason

Animal Welfare Is Close To My Heart...

I've spent 6 years working with various cat rescues as a passion project. Because I have on the ground experience, and graphic design experience, I have a unique perspective on the subject. I am able to figure out what kinds of things are needed to garner attention, and how to best educate folks about the importance of permanent cat ID, and also educating communities on how to help feral and stray cats.

The Abby Cat Daddy logo is on a medium green background and has pale yellow chunky text and thin text that reads "The Feline Advocate Society" and a pale yellow silhouette of a cat standing and facing to the left.
Abby Cat Daddy: the Feline Advocate Society
Illustrator, designer.
Jan 2022 - Present

The Process

Some Times it Has to be About the Small Things.

With rescue every little bit of support and awareness helps animals that are in the rescue's care. Whether it's by adoption, paying for enrichment objects, or making much needed vet care attainable. Being able to make illustrations and graphics towards those goals isĀ fulfilling for my desire to support that cause.